The seabed is not for mining

Unless we act, mining could soon begin in the most fragile ecosystem on the planet: the deep seabed.

Canada must join global calls for a moratorium on deep seabed mining now.

year before mining could become a reality

exploration licences already granted worldwide

What is deep sea mining?

Deep sea hydrothermal vents, seamount crusts, and polymetallic nodules are biodiverse habitats that will be destroyed if mined, leading to widespread loss of unique deep sea species.

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Canada’s Role

Canadian mining companies are racing to mine the deep seabed. And the Canadian government is letting it happen.

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Global efforts towards a moratorium

From Pacific Islanders, to scientists, to governments, to civil society organizations in Canada and around the world, the call for a moratorium or ban is growing.

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"Deep sea mining will be devastating for the people of our region whose livelihoods, food security, ways of life, and very identity are intimately connected to the ocean.”


– Dr. Claire Slatter, Pacific Blue Line Collective & DAWN

"We have … to create the legal framework to stop the high seas mining…and not to allow new activities that can endanger these ecosystems.”


– Emmanuel Macron, President of France

"This area contains some of the least understood eco-systems on the planet...Deep sea mining could cause irreversible changes to this environment and have a significant impact on its biodiversity."


– Hon Nanaia Mahuta, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aotearoa New Zeland

"We must act and make bold decisions so that we protect our planet. We say that the earth has two lungs -- one is blue and one is green. What are we doing to protect them?"


– Jonathan Mesulum, Coordinator for the Alliance of Solwara Warriors in Papua New Guinea

“The one thing that the science is telling us, is that the impacts of mining the deep sea would be extensive, severe, and last for generations."


– Natalie Lowrey, Deep Sea Mining Campaign

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Resources & Reports

Predicting the Impacts

An expert review of the scientific literature on the impacts of deep sea mining. Commissioned by the Deep Sea Mining Campaign and MiningWatch Canada.

Shareholder Advisory

The Deep Sea Mining Campaign issued a Shareholder Advisory to inform potential investors of risks involved in The Metals Company’s (TMC) 2021 public offering. Advisory endorsed by MiningWatch.

Deep Sea Mining: What could it do to the ocean?

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Julia Barnes looks at the dangers posed by deep sea mining in this 10-minute short.